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Save the dates: General Election, November 7
Early Voting starts Saturday, October 28 – Sunday, November 5

Introducing Our 2023 Dutchess County Candidates

Tommy Zurhellen, Dutchess County Executive:


Tommy Zurhellen, Dutchess County Executive:
for fair housing, for pathways for our youth to live and work in our county, for our veterans and the people…
For more about Tommy Zurhellen click here

Anthony Parisi, Dutchess County District Attorney


Anthony Parisi, Dutchess County District Attorney:
for his 25 years of experience, for safe communities and a fairer criminal justice system…
For more about Anthony Parisi click here


James Rogers, Dutchess Family Court Judge:
for a fair and compassionate court working to protect the most vulnerable… For more about James Rogers click here


Kenya Gadsden, Dutchess County Clerk:
for accessibility, accountability, transparency and vision for the Dutchess County Clerk’s office…
For more about Kenya Gadsden click here


Yvette Valdes-Smith, Dutchess County Legislature, District 16 Ward 4:
for a strong, fierce defender of democracy and a tireless Minority leader…
For more about Yvette Valdes-Smith click here


Nick Page, Dutchess County Legislature, District 18 Wards 1,2, & 3:
for his leadership and dedication to governing and holding Dutchess’s one-party rulers accountable…
For more about Nick Page click here

Democratic City of Beacon City Council Candidates Left to right:

Dan Aymar-Blair, Ward 4 City Council, Molly Rhodes, Ward 1 City Council, Pam Wetherbee, City Council at Large, Lee Kyriacou, Mayor, Wren Longno, Ward 3 City Council, Paloma Wake, City Council at Large, Jeff Domanski, Ward 2 City Council

Executive Committee Members

  • Lisa Jessup, Chair
  • Pam Wetherbee, 1st Vice Chair
  • Peggy Ross, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Holly O’Grady, Treasurer
  • Amber Grant, Corresponding Secretary

Contact Us: info@beacondemocrats.org

Stay Informed


As Democrats, we believe that good government exists to improve the quality of people’s lives by: 

As Democrats, we pledge to act and speak with integrity and civility, always striving for common ground with those whose views are different. 

  • Protecting equal rights
  • ensuring public safety
  • providing vital services
  • supporting economic development
  • maintaining programs for the most vulnerable segments of the community.